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Delinte Tires has launched a new website which showcases its new Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) line and Spanish translation functionality.

The new website also features user-friendly search tools, including options for Year, Make and Model (YMM), wheel size or tire category. These search options use the most recognized source of fitment data for original equipment, staggered and plus-size fitments to allow customers to search for the wide variety of sizes in the Delinte offerings. Once a selection is made, partners can seamlessly find a dealer for that product through the dealer locator tool, providing an all-inclusive platform for researching products and finding the nearest location for purchase.

“We’re excited to launch Delinte’s new website along with our new TBR products and make Spanish translation accessible to partners and consumers alike,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President of Sentury Tire USA. “We want customers to enjoy the navigating process and feel empowered in their search through the bi-ligual options, the tire size search and dealer locator tools.”

The new range of TBR tires featured on Delinte’s redesigned website includes: All-Position,
Trailer, Closed-Shoulder, Open-Shoulder, Long Haul and Mixed Service applications. These
tires are engineered for durability, stability, and especially to resist tread wear to maximize fuel
efficiency; they also feature natural rubber Tread Compounds KTM3 or KTM4.