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Pony Car

At the peak of the muscle car generation, a prospect among the leading “Pony Cars” started to create a buzz. This charismatic potential pushed its way through to be tested. The Challenger would historically be respected with a badge of honor in the gang of Muscle Cars.

Today, if you attend any kind of car gathering you will hear a familiar conversation. From Cars and Coffee to the local drag strip there are talks of, “The highest producing horsepower for a production car” or “Oh man! Did you hear that thing?”.

Skateboard and car enthusiasts Allan Wong has put together an amazing setup for his Dodge Challenger. He started out on the inside by maximizing his cruising experience by working with Audio Dreams out of La Verde, CA. They upgraded the sound system bringing balance and concert-like audio. For performance, things were kept clean and simple with a Magnaflow exhaust system installed by DMC Exhaust Werks in Azusa, CA. Lastly, he finished off the look with Verde Form VFF01 Wheels and Delinte Tires DS8’s. The fronts are running 245/45R20 and 275/40R20 on the power end. The end result was a functional proper stance. Clean, simple, and ready to lay down power to the tarmac.

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About the Delinte Tires DS8:

The DS8 is an all-season ultra-high-performance tire designed for dominating traction when it comes to laying down the power. Get the most out of your muscle car or high torque SUVs by completing the most important link to your vehicle. These tires will make sure that all your horsepower is translated to where it is most important, the asphalt.


Staggered fitments and three levels of traction. Big block tread patterns maximize contact with the road when you have a wide-open throttle, down the line, or cutting the apex in turns. The wide-cutting main grooves can evacuate water effectively at high speeds. Angled slots move rain and snow out of the tire tread, giving you a better rubber to tarmac connection.

Horsepower and tuned suspension can only be felt with the right tires.


Clean, simple, and ready to lay down power to the tarmac.