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If you crave high speeds, chase the sensation of being at one with your vehicle, and love to feel the road as you drive, then you’ve probably heard of Ultra-High Performance tires. Since UHP tires don’t always come in a wide range of tire sizes, or staggered fitments, you may have struggled to find a UHP tire that really works for you. That’s where Delinte’s first Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire, the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2, bridges the gap.

Built for Max Performance

Ultra-High Performance tires are built to withstand high speeds and maintain control and stability for the precision handling that’s needed in high speed driving. The DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 is no exception.

The DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 features an intelligent tread pattern with a large contact footprint optimally engineered to give more control in all driving conditions, and reduce noise for a comfortable ride. The innovative angled tread design’s 3D angled voids maximize braking performance, and adds the road traction that drivers need from a UHP tire. And at higher speeds, wide, symmetrical shoulder blocks give optimum stability during performance driving.

Performance tires are often called Summer tires, since the features that make them good for performance driving can cause them to be less effective in wet or cold weather. To solve this problem, the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 uses Delinte’s proprietary Qirin Scale Technology (QST). Using QST technology, four extra wide tread grooves accelerate water evacuation and suppress formation of water turbulence to improve driving performance in wet conditions. Speaking of snow, the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 is Mud+Snow Rated, maintaining traction in packed mud and snow conditions.

Delinte proudly backs this tire up with their 55K D-Shield Mileage Warranty Plan and their Road Hazard Warranty Plan.

Amp It Up with Staggered Fitments

If you drive performance vehicles, you’ll likely have heard of staggered fitments, or staggered applications. If you haven’t, staggered fitments refer to different sizes of wheels on the front and back of the vehicle. This is popular with auto enthusiasts, and has some specific benefits for performance driving, including improved grip on the road for better braking, handling, and acceleration. Delinte’s DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 comes in a range of sizes from 14”-20”, and includes an array of staggered fitments to suit the needs of more drivers than ever!

The DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 Meets Your Need for Speed

Delinte’s answer to your need for power and performance is the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2, Delinte’s first Powerline Ultra-High Performance tire. This first-of-its-kind Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire truly makes the precise control and handling of an UHP tire available to today’s SUV drivers, luxury vehicle owners, daily drivers, and more! Not only does it come in a vast range of sizes, it’s available for staggered fitments.

Take a closer look at the DS2 Dynamx Sport 2 Ultra-High Performance Powerline tire, and get familiar with its engineered UHP features for yourself in this video.

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