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"To everything turn, turn, turn,
there is a season, turn, turn, turn."
- The Byrds

Once the summer kicks off, your travel goals may shift from ski trips and other snowy getaways to summer road trips, days at the beach or the lake, and even backroads off-roading adventures. You carefully selected just the right winter tires to match your ride, so you may be asking yourself questions like ‘What are summer tires good for?’ or ‘Are summer tires worth it?’. The short answer is — Yes.

What’s Special about Winter Tires?

Winter tires handle cold temperatures better than the typical highway or touring tire, and give you extra grip in snow, slush and ice because their specialized tire compounds keep the tire’s surface flexible in low temperatures. How do you spot a great winter tire? Check for the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, which shows that the tires have been industry tested to provide good traction and control in snowy and ice. Look for features that mention added traction in all seasons.

Can I Use My Winter Tires in Summer?

For those that run studded tires in the winter, this does not apply, but for most drivers, as the weather warms up, the same softer rubber compounds that kept your tires flexible in the cold can actually work against you. Since the rubber is softer, driving a winter tire on long road trips and on the rugged terrain of summer off-roading can cause your tire to wear down more quickly. This softer rubber can also create more rolling resistance, which works against your fuel budget by making your car use more energy to combat the extra friction. Do you really want to be worried about spending extra money on gas, when you’d rather just enjoy the good weather? Economically, it makes sense to keep that extra money in your pocket by investing in budget-friendly Highway or Touring tires that should last you for years, and keep your winter tires in good shape for longer too!

There is no need to sacrifice your aesthetic to get a good deal on a summer tire; there are many tire models available in a wide range of sizes, so you’ll be able to find just the right fit.

So, What Kind of Tires Should I Use This Summer?

Whether you love road-trips and new sights, the adrenaline rush of off-road adventures, or the smell of the sea air as you haul your surfboard out onto sandy shores, there is a tire to match.
For the off-road explorer, the Bandit M/T DX9 is long-lasting, and the extreme tread blocks grip well in muddy terrain. On rough terrain or on your daily drives, the construction of the Bandit R/T DX12 will ensure good tire life.

If you’re a CUV/SUV driver, consider the versatile Bandit Crossover DX20, which performs extremely well on a wide variety of terrain types and weather conditions. If you know you’ll be going on a lot of long trips, a good choice is a tire specially made for highway driving, like the Bandit H/T DX11, or the DH7, which is made for CUV drivers. Both tires are great all-round choices for fuel efficiency and tire wear.

And if you plan to open up the throttle a little (or a lot!), the DS8 and D7 tires are both Ultra-High Performance tires, with speed ratings of H, V, W & Y and great control and handling. For a Touring tire, the DH2’s unique silent tread grooves make it one of the quietest summer tires that Delinte has to offer.

Whichever summer adventure you’re headed on next, make sure you’re equipped with a set of summer performance tires that provide exactly what you need for the season, and look great doing it.

The Conclusion

Switching from a winter to a summer tire improves fuel economy, extends the life of your tires, and keeps you in control of your driving performance. With the many tire options available, it's easy to find a quality summer tire that compliments your vehicle.