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The Bandit Series for a new generation of driving enthusiasts

Nothing says “Go Rogue" like the new Bandit Series by Delinte Tires. This specialty series has expanded to include a range of styles, sizes and fitments to accommodate the unique off-roading and highway adventure needs of SUV, CUV and Light Truck enthusiasts.

Delinte’s Bandit series is now available for popular CUV/SUV fitments such as the Subaru Outback and the Ford F150 Raptor, to 1/2-ton and heavy-duty truck applications. Drivers can select from the wide range of offerings for their specific needs, from highway driving to road trips to outfitting show trucks or accommodating the rugged terrain of OHV trails.

The Bandit Series offers 50-55K Mileage warranties, Road-Hazard Coverage, a 3-Peak Mountain Snow-Flake rating, and D-Tech Silica compound features, and now includes the following tires:


The Highway Bandit H_T

The Bandit H_T DX11 is a durable Premium Highway-Terrain tire engineered to decrease road noise and comes in 45 sizes. With the 50K D-Shield Mileage Warranty, this highway tire also comes with Road Hazard Coverage for even more confidence.

The Rough-Terrain Bandit R_T

The Bandit R_T DX12 is a tough hybrid Rough-Terrain tire that gives your Overlander or luxury Pre-Runner real on-road comfort. The DX12 technology optimizes the life of the tire, allowing you to drive it daily as well as on off-road adventures. This tire's cutting-edge performance is complemented by its versatile dual-designed sidewall, giving you stylistic control and versatility.

The Hybrid Bandit X_T

The Bandit X_T DX20 is a hybrid tire created for popular CUV and SUV vehicles in over 70 sizes. It debuts with a strong tread pattern and the option to choose the look you want with a dual sidewall design. This CUV/SUV tire gives you reliability and durability wherever the trek takes you.

The All-Terrain Bandit A_T

The Bandit A_T DX10 is one of the best All-Terrain tires, with its extended tread wear, aggressive tread pattern, and rugged look. The A/T is 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rated and is Trail & OHV Ready to give you confidence driving your truck or SUV on the road or in the snow.

The Aggressive Bandit M_T

One of the best off-road tires for control and traction in mud, rain, sand, and snow, the Bandit M_T DX9 is an aggressive mud tire built for superior durability and performance on extreme terrain.

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